Don’t suffer with problem hair any longer - Use Mira Hair Oil - an ancient hair formula oil to help you get longer, thicker and more beautiful hair 3 Times Faster!

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Mira Hair Oil is an all-natural,
Beautifying Formula that will help:

  • Give You the Hair Length You Want 3 Times Faster (by Stopping Breakages)
  • Get thicker Looking Hair in Just Weeks
  • Stop ‘Bad Hair’ Days
  • Shine, Condition and Protect Hair
  • Give Your Hair Volume
  • Remove Dandruff Flakes
  • Eliminate Knots, Split ends, and
  • Ensure Stronger, Thicker Hair
  • Stop Hair Breakages
  • Reduce frizzy hair
  • Repair damaged and /or coarse hair
  • Stop premature graying

Mira Hair Oil is based on a 5000 year old ancient medical science called Ayurveda.

ncamlogo It is taught by celebres like Deepak Chopra to his clients, including Oprah, Demi Moore and a host of other celebrities. It is regulated by the government under the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).

It is used by 727 million Indians to get the most beautiful and most sought after hair in the world. It is also used by 200,000 well-informed Americans to stay healthy. So, if you really want beautiful hair, you want to use what they use to nurture their hair—and you can do that with Mira Hair Oil.

What you will Get from a Bottle of Mira Hair Oil

  • Restore Your Beauty - Feel and look young again by fighting premature greying and dry, dull and old looking hair.
  • Get Bouncy Thick, Shiny, More Manageable Hair – Hair you can style at will.
  • Get Longer, Thicker Hair – no matter how bad your hair is right now.
  • Get Rid of a Bad Haircut. By getting the length you want with healthy hair.
  • Get men and women to notice and be drawn to you.
  • Get your boss or colleagues to take you more seriously with healthy looking hair.
  • Look years younge.

Real People- Real Results

Woman of 63 looks 40 - Discover her Secret


“At 63 I don’t color my hair, I don’t have breakages, I can get the length I want at will, my hair does not thin and my hair looks ageless. No cosmetics, no Commercial shampoos, no treatments. I just use Mira hair oil. Mira is the reason I have such thick, long, youthful and beautiful hair.”

“I put my reputation on the line that this powerful ancient formula is the surest way to get rid of your hair problems such as frizzy hair, breakages, coarse hair or unmanageable hair. This oil will truly give you a healthy head of beautiful thick and youthful hair no matter how sparse your hair is, no matter how bad your hair is … even if you have tried everything and failed.”

Dr. Biswajit MD, BAM, PHD

“I have been using Mira hair oil twice a week for many years, and I have youthful hair. Strangers think I am in my late 40s, but I am 67 years young. I have seen cousins and my brothers grow grey hair as they aged, and they look far older than I do.The only thing I do that they don’t is use this hair formula. I recommend everyone use this special formula.”

Marwan Ahmed, Tripoli, Lebanon


Ayurvedic hair formula used by Guinness book of records nominee-the “Rapunzel of Kalkutta” proven to give you healthy hair no matter your age.


Works Very Well For Black Hair

“I used to relax my hair and it came with the nasty side effects…One day I got fed up and I wanted to get my natural hair back again. I searched high and low to find the right product to get natural hair faster, I used several oils like almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, in total there were 8 bottles of different hair products I used to use, and it took me an hour and half to “treat my hair” and despite all this time and effort my results were nothing to speak off….then I found Mira hair oil, it had coconut oil which moisturized my scalp and hair which prevented breakages , Mira hair oil made my hair super soft and allowed me to style my hair better. But most remarkable was the fact that this oil gave me super-fast results, with 15 different herbs in the oil I no longer need to use all those different hair products…Mira hair oil has all the benefits of these oils I use plus healthy herbs in it….look at my hair now…in just 2 months I have my natural hair back again, it has made me smile, it has brought relief in my life. I was stressed...but now with Mira hair oil I spend far less time on my hair and I no longer have thinning or breakages anymore...”

Kim K, Nottinghamshire Ln, Ohio

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It’s So Easy to Use!

Simply take a little Mira Hair Oil Mira Hair Oil (1/2-1 teaspoon) and massage it onto your scalp and hair. You can smooth the ends of your hair with the oil and it will seal the cuticles and stop frizz.

Then allow 30 minutes to pass before you wash it out or alternatively you can leave it in for up to 1-2 weeks before washing. The oil is light and will penetrate the scalp, never leaving your hair heavy or oily.

How Mira Works


This is unhealthy and damaged hair (A and C). The cuticle curls up as it has been lifted and damaged.This indicates dry, fragile and “old” hair. This damage is sucking in hair color (so your color does not last). Now when you apply Mira hair oil (B) the cuticle is smooth, the oil seeps into the center of the cortex (D) of your hair, where it seals the cuticle and makes your hair strong (which means your hair will easily get past your neck and shoulders without ever breaking). Mira Hair Oil works from the inside out protecting and strengthening your hair.

F Shows Damaged Hair :
Damaged hair has an open cuticle that feels dry, coarse and brittle and is likely to break. Mira Hair Oil has herbs and oils that will fill and seal the cuticle.The results is stronger, thicker looking, shiny and longer looking hair.

E Shows Healthy Hair With Mira Hair Oil :
When your hair is healthy and repaired your hair will have a smooth cuticle that feels soft and looks shiny.


Get Hair Thicker Looking

When it comes to thickening your hair there is only one way to increase its thickness and it is done by a protein called VEGF. Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have been successful able to help hair health and hair thickness in mice thanks to a the protein called VEGF that promotes blood vessel growth in their skin. The hair follicles were individually bigger. Collectively, they increase the total volume of hair by 60 percent, the MGH research team reports in the Feb. 19 Journal of Clinical Investigation.

This means that you too might be able to get thicker looking hair by as much as 60% and the only herb that can increase VEGF naturally and topically is a rare root of the Asiasarum plant that grows in hard to reach regions in Asia. You will find this rare herb in the right amounts in Mira hair oil. Tested in 92 degree humidity. Mira is used by the south Brahmin women who are noted to have the most beautiful hair in the world. Their hairs are the ones celebrities use to get gorgeous hair on the red carpet.

Want Solid Working Proof ?

The south Brahmin women subject their hair to high humidity (82 to 92%) and yet have little or no frizz , no damage and are able to get their hair to any length they want- you too can get hair like this when you use Mira hair oil.

Get The Hair You Had As a Teenager

Silky, smooth, bouncy and super healthy hair can be yours

Hibiscus -- Hibiscus contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B1, and riboflavin; these can give you thicker looking hair and also help prevent premature graying.

This plant has shown anti-microbial properties in a study done by a university in Brazil to have Antioxidant and antimutagenic properties making it perfect for cleaning the scalp and allowing you to get healthy hair. Hibiscus prevents hair loss from breakages by strengthening and nourishing the hair root as well.

Look Years Younger


Suffering From Aging Grey Hair? You don’t have to be, because this hair oil formula is filled with a herb extract called Tridax procumbens and it is packed full of antioxidants which prevents free radical damage which causes aging hair, a study done by the prestigious university of Bradford in London England shows that there is a cell in your hair follicle that is responsible for aging or greying.

It is called melanocyte and when you age or expose your hair to commercial hair products and the environment this cell dies and eventually runs out-The result is grey hair. Tridax procumbens kills free radicals that damage this “ANTI-AGING” cell. This means you will be able to slow and then reverse the greying process.

So many herbs crammed into one bottle

Mira hair oil is hair health in a bottle


Octimum oil

This natural oil has been shown to promote follicular proliferation and enhance normal hair health.


Ginkgo biloba

Rich in antioxidants, ginkgo biloba increases blood flow to the hair follicles in the scalp, strengthening and stimulating the hair shaft.



This plant contains caffeic acid and rosemaric acid, two powerful antioxidants that can protect the hair and scalp from damaging free radicals and pollutants. A study published in the journal Archives of Dermatology reported on 86 individuals with diffuse hair issues showed remarkable strides in hair health. Those who massaged rosemary extract oil onto their scalps showed much greater hair density and thickness vs. a control group not using rosemary.

These Prestigious Universities and Journals Prove that the Herbs used in Mira Hair Oil can give you better hair health


Mira Hair Oil is 8 Beauty
Products in One

Acts as a shampoo, anti-frizz, repair serum, detangler, mouse, hot oil, hair treatment oil and volumizes—save time and money on your hair care products with an all in one that actually does what you need it to do!

Mira Hair Oil is a better shampoo than any shampoo you can use –even organic natural shampoos for the fact that the oil seeps into every pore and hair strand , it removes toxins , dead cells and allows your hair roots to breathe, the results is healthy hair. Shampoos are too runny and too harsh to get into every hair pore and can therefore suffocate your hair pores causing bad hair and hair loss. Once you use. Mira Hair Oil simply rinse your hair with warm water and the left over oils wash away without making the hair heavy.

Remember -A healthy scalp is healthy hair. It is a secret used by South Brahmin women of India well noted for having the longest, healthiest and most beautiful hair in the world, so much so it is used by Hollywood celebrities as hair extensions to walk the red carpet

Slash your hair styling
Time in Half


Never suffer a bad hair day, feel good about your hair, boost your self-conafidence, get your hair health back and look years younger by getting the hair you deserve.

Mira Hair Oil will slash time spent in the mirror styling your hair –this is because your hair becomes manageable and healthy you can slash the time it takes to style your hair in half.

Mira hair oil is nature limited


Due to the rarity of the herbs used in Mira hair oil such as Asia sari radix which are not commercially grown and because we hand pick our herbs only a limited amount of bottles are made a month. To allow customers to get fast access to this amazing oil we created a club, so as a special bonus if you are one of the first 500 people to try Mira Hair oil Risk Free, you will receive free membership into your preferred Customer Club where you will receive a $10 discount off every future bottle of Mira hair oil. In addition so that you do not go a day without using Mira hair oil, you will automatically receive a new 60 day supply every 2 months. Trust me after a week of using Mira hair oil you will not want to live a day without this hair care product.